Dr. Helene Leonetti describes the various delivery methods of Bioidentical Hormones: pellets, injections, patch, transdermal, or by mouth.

Pros and cons of some of these methods are discussed.


Natural vs. Synthetic Hormones

Dr. Helene Leonetti describes the difference between natural hormones (such as those derived from wild yam or soy precursors) and synthetic hormones (such as Premarin).


Irritable Bowel Syndrome? It’s Fixable! By Dr. Aviva Romm

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I was in the local toy store with my 3-year old granddaughter recently.

Let me actually paint a slightly more detailed picture…

One Saturday morning about 6 weeks ago I was in the local Waldorf school-inspired toy store in my town. Surrounded by perfect handmade dolls, wooden pull toys, organic cotton baby clothes, and slightly serious patrons and employees, I suddenly hear my granddaughter call out quite loudly (as in LOUDLY) from the book section about 15 feet away,

“Biba, I tooted.”  And then lots of giggles.

Now I wasn’t the only one who heard her shout out her delight over her bodily noises. She probably wasn’t the only one to hear her toot, for that matter. In the very proper toy store nobody else giggled.

Except for me. I suddenly remembered learning the word fart in 1st grade and saying it over and over with my best friend in the back seat of my mom’s car, laughing so hard we probably could have peed our pants, and my mom telling us she wasn’t going to take us to the Donnie Osmond concert we were on our way to at Madison Square Garden if we didn’t stop. We didn’t. She took us anyway…And yes, I am that old, that I once loved Donnie Osmond – he was adorable – when I was in first grade.

Having gas as an adult is not usually a laughing matter. Especially to women. Yet this is what women face when they have irritable bowel syndrome. Then there’s the bloating. I have patients who have shown me pictures of themselves or come into my office looking 7 months pregnant – when they are not pregnant at all. They feel embarrassed when someone asks them when they’re due (note, never ask a woman when she’s due unless you know for SURE that she’s pregnant!). And it’s painful to be distended, not to mention the discomfort of constipation and the horrors of unpredictable loose stools.

Many of my patients have been told by their doctors that they just have to live with it.

But that’s not true!!!

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Dr. Helene Leonetti explains the characteristics of natural and synthetic hormones, and why it is important to know the difference.


Ever been in a situation like this?

It’s dark and it’s late. You’re coming out of a club in the city heading back to your car, which is parked on a poorly lit side street. About 50 yards from your car door, you notice a man crossing the street toward you. Nobody is on the street.

Your heart is racing, and your muscles tighten. You are on red alert. Should you run? Prepare to fight? Your keys are already in your hand – you could use them to defend yourself. Your fingers clench so tightly around the keys that you feel them digging into your palm. You recognize this feeling. It’s terror.

Now closer to you, you hear the man’s footsteps stop and from the corner of your eye you catch…

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Monday’s Pearls — Love Your Liver Part 2

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As Dr. Leonetti continues her piece on the liver, she explains how milk thistle can help you reduce free radicals and inflammation. Milk thistle can also assist in reproducing liver cells called hepatocytes.


Ah, Beloveds, I am finally getting impatient with our slooooowww movement toward healthy thoughts, behaviors, and actions.  If you go back to January 17, 2012 and reread my historical perspective over fifty years in the healing arts, you will see how long a new thought takes to actualize.  Remember, almost 100 years since the suffragists were pummeled and nearly killed for having the audacity to want the ability to vote, like their male counterparts.

Now, several things are bothering me about how we know something is no longer serving us as the science comes out to verify, and yet its use continues.  What are some of those things?

  • Fluoride
    Put into our water, our toothpaste, and dental treatments, we have known for decades that this waste product from the aluminum industry was dumped onto an unsuspecting public by nefarious scientists and the dental industry was obeisant and has been rallying the cause, even though we know it causes dental fluorosis (white mottling of the teeth) and osteosarcoma of the bones. 
  • Mercury
    Some in the industry still use amalgam fillings even though mercury is one of the most neurotoxic substances on the planet, and photomicrographs demonstrate outgassing of mercury vapors some fifty years after a filling has been placed.
  • Vaccines
    A most controversial area, that I will not engage in, except to say two things:
    There should be no vaccines given to our precious children or to our fellow adults that contain mercury or aluminum.  In this world of great science and far reaching thought, there is no excuse to continue this dangerous practice; and when our wee ones are born, their immune states are quite immature, and loading these little beings with multiple vaccines is not conscionable.  A safe time interval between injections over a period of time is prudent and doable.  And a wonderful thoughtful book on vaccines, by Aviva Romm, MD brings much wisdom to the subject.   Thus said, is the science there to implicate vaccines with autism?  Yes and no: so much depends on the epigenetics surrounding the mom’s health carrying this new child: does she smoke, drink alcohol, snort cocaine; eat genetically modified food, loaded with chemicals, antibiotics, hormones?? Does she drink diet sodas loaded with a neurotoxin (aspartame) maybe on the caliber of mercury?  Has she experienced sexual/physical abuse while carrying this spiritual being ready to be gifted to the world?  Well, that little being‘s immune state is already compromised, so a vaccine(s) may be the tipping point to cause this condition being seen more and more.
  • Bisphosphonates
    Drugs supposed to be building bones, but in fact, are causing osteonecrosis of the jaw bone, esophageal cancer, and now we know, they cause fractures that do not heal; the least deadly but so toxic to our quality of life is the digestive issues caused if we inadvertently take one of these silly drugs and lie down:  it can bore a hole into our esophagus  (you realize, do you not that this class of drugs is similar to what we use to clean the ring around the tub: that is not dirt, but desquamated skin cells, that get eaten by the cleanser and the drug)!!

Now let’s get closer to home and subjectivity and tenacity for resisting change: that which is on the end of our fork.  Do you remember in the 1960s or thereabouts when all saturated fats were vilified and the new kids on the block: corn oil, canola oil, soybean oil were all ‘scientifically’ proven to be healthier for our hearts?  Well over the last 50 years, with these aforementioned being high on the list for being genetically modified, and wreaking havoc with our health, we are beginning to view real science with no agendas with a renewed passion.  So in comes coconut oil: medium chain fatty acid with remarkable anti-inflammatory benefits, and of course I personally love it as a gynecologist for its yummy effects in our vaginas to add moisture, and soothe irritation, and even prevent yeast with its lauric and caprylic acid components.  And it so adds a culinary delight for the fellow gourmet cook.  There is a story, though I cannot verify it, that a physician healed her husband of dementia by feeding him high doses of coconut oil.

I end referring to two publications out by legitimate, serious scientists who have both spent their lives improving the health of their patients by using principles steeped deeply in truth.  William Davis, MD, cardiologist, and author of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat and Lose the Belly, and David Perlmutter, MD, neurologist, author of Grain Brain, have provided the historic background to our love affair with grains, a recent player in the evolution of food.  As we are slowly ingesting the studies that grains, particularly wheat, because of the way its growth has been altered –world wide—since the 1970s, we are seeing obesity, hypertension, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, to name but a few conditions that are being proven to have a direct connection to wheat.  How will this affect the industry—the farmers, the manufacturers of the myriad of products containing this tantalizing grain—the lobbyists, the politicians with major investments—all the ramifications of this new ‘inconvenient truth?’ 

I will end with my generally Mary Poppins analysis: change is the only reality, and our evolution to a more conscious place, a more loving compassionate connection with all sentient beings is why we are here in Earth school.  My profession, deeply engaged in disease maintenance, is slowly getting it that we as patients will no longer accept party line so inextricably tied to big Pharma and the insurance industry.  It is time that we all work together, in an integrative, non-competitive way to see that win-win, choice and hope become the way of now.

Helene B. Leonetti, MD, FACOG, DABIHM