By Dr. Aviva Romm

Not too long ago I was on the phone with my friend, life coach, and Co-President of the Handel Group, Laurie Gerber. I was sharing some of my doubts about an upcoming book project I am planning with my literary agent. Actually, I was somewhere between sharing and spilling my anxiety out all over the place – with a little whining in there, I’m sure.

Laurie, who happens to be pregnant and loves hypnobirthing, in her matter of fact and loving way, called me out on my roll of self-doubt and said, “Girl, you need a hypnobirthing class!” I laughed at the thought of me, at 48, with 4 grown kids and 2 grandkids, being pregnant and actually needing a hypnobirthing class. But then my mind quickly shifted to the idea of hypnobirthing ourselves through times of overwhelming challenges, new and scary transitions, self-doubt, and really any other obstacles we have to overcome.

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George Orwell’s novel 1984 predicted a society with language controls and “double speak.” It astonishes me how accurate these predictions have been in the field of medicine, as evidenced by the fact that various medical establishments meet regularly to decide how their members ought to think about issues such as hormones.

Some say that, without sufficient evidence to the contrary, all estrogens are alike and all progesterone/progestins are alike. Even basic science courses, going back decades, demonstrated that there were differences between molecules created by the body and those created or engineered by scientists— significant differences, including the molecule’s shape, size and functions. Recently, the KEEPS study opened the door to the idea that perhaps all estrogens are NOT alike, so adjustments to their thinking are being made.  Read More